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CIPL has the expertise in
Insulations & Turnkey Interior
Furnishing. We offer thermal
insulation solutions as per
requirement best suited to
the Industries to obtain
desired result in energy
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Thermal Insulation

CIPL has been providing quality Thermal Installation Services over 25 years. Company’s attention to detail and dedication to delivering a superior product has made it a leader in its field. Company prides on delivering high quality products and services by experienced and qualified technicians.

High-quality thermal insulation often forms the basis for complex technical processes and applications in industry. It limits heat and cold loss and minimises temperature reduction when goods are being transported. This saves both natural resources and costs.

Areas of application for heat insulation

Refineries, chemical industry, pharma, textile, food processing, the wood and paper industries, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), natural gas storage tanks, biomass plants and environmental technology. Areas of application for cold insulation

Cold insulation comes into play in LNG and ethylene plants, cryogenic storage, CO2 plants, gas liquefaction plants, piping, vessels and tanks.

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